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Latest News


Magic FM Algarve

We are working hard to bring Magic to you on FM and are on track to be on air early June 2014 in the mean time we continue with our broadcasts on the Internet with some variations to our usual schedule which we hope does not spoil your experience with[...]


Happy Mother’ Day!

Mum’s where ever you are have a very happy Mothering Sunday hope you have  a great day from all your sons and daughters whereever they might be!  I would also add pets to the list as we know your Mum to loads of furry kids out there!  Enjoy!

Foxy introduces his show on Magic FM Algarve

Magic Moments with Foxy

Magic Moments with Foxy 10 AM -1 PM International and local news in English, music from the 60′s-to the Naughties, Dedications, daily teasers, World Currency Exchange rates and much more so get tuned in and have a magic day! The Magic Moments with Foxy show is sponsored by IBEX Insurance.

Pete Forsyth

Pete Forsyth 80′s Show

Just to let you know that Pete Forsyth’s 80′s show starts tomorrow afternoon and not as previously advertised where we said that it would be today!  Sorry if you tuned in hoping to catch his new show but we had a couple of technical issues with it as it comes[...]